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Art and science

September 2007

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Mal and Inara


I leave on Sunday!

Saw the last ep of Dr Who season 2 today. It was sad... But that puts me on season 3 now miss bexyfus. Aren't you impressed! not that I'll get to see much of that before I go away. But still! No torchwood yet I'm afraid. But I may have to give in and do DVD buy... but not for a year coz I'm going away on Sunday! (Just incase you forgot. Which actually lewis did do and booked to go paintballing with his friends on saturday until i pointed out we were going to the zoo to say bye to me. I will now just have to tell him much more often evidently!)

Put all the quotes on my walls today. Iahve:

Tyger! Tyger! Burning bright
In the forests of the night, 
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry

It just takes some time, little gilr
Youre in the middle of the ride

Run and catch, run and cathc
the lamb is caught in the blackberry patch

you can't take the sky from me

On my walls now. Only spelt right... (i hope!)



I can imagine you're absolutely exploding to leave...

Am even getting excited for you myself :opp

What photo-camera do you take ? Thought of batteries ? Electricity adapter plugs ?

Am thinking of 101 different things atm, so you'll have to bear with me this week :pppp

got a fully equipped med kit ?
I have an exciting adapter plug that has every country converted to every country. You have to press differant buttons to get differant plugs to come out, its very much fun. 3 batteries for my camera, meaning the battery should out last the memory cards. 3 memory cards too, giving me 1200 photos (ish). And I am a first aid trainer (sort of, a not quite fully trained first aid trainer...) so my med kit is spot on. (And if its not the cadets can laugh at me when i get back!)

Can I go yet?

LOL at Lewis. Poor boy.

It's okay I will have the Torchwood DVDs by the time you come back and I fully intend to make you watch them. Many reasons including the fact that you need another fandom (no really you do... honest...) and the fact that TW meet ups would be endlessly fun with Kayla along too.

You can't take the sky from me! Yay! Perfect quote.

So when do you go away again? I can't seem to remember :P
:0! SUNDAY! Honestly bexy :P